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Are you Pregnant? Do you have Back pain?

You don't have to!  A study that was reported back in 1991, in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, said that 84% of women who received chiropractic care experienced a decrease in back pain during their pregnancy. The doctors at Barton Chiropractic are highly trained in adjusting pregnant women. It has been our experience that with chiropractic care we are not only able to decrease back pain but help with a less painful childbirth as well.

In research published by Spine Universe, they list a variety of types of back pain and other pains that women experience in their pregnancies. 42% experience pain in the posterior superior iliac spine , 54% experience pain in the groin areas, 54% in the coccyx, and 33% in the pubic symphysis interiorly . In 80% of pregnancies, most of the back pain will be localized during a woman's pregnancy. But by the third semester, at least 50% of women experience back pain.

If you are pregnant you need to know that you don't need to suffer with low back pain. The doctors at Barton Chiropractic can help. Call 685-2002 for a free consultation.