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Sexually Transmitted Infections in Concord

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Sexually transmitted infections in Concord can affect your sexual health. It's not just HIV that you can contract on having unprotected sexual intercourse but there are many other such STIs. We shall discuss each of these briefly below.

Mycoplasma genitalium is similar to chlamydia and gonorrhoea and is the main cause of non-gonococcol urethritis in men; is also associated with the bacterial Vaginosis in women. The symptoms experienced by men include burning feeling or pain at the time of urinating, urethral discharge and swelling in joints; while those experienced by women are burning or pain while urinating, painful sexual intercourse and vaginal itching.

Gonorrhoea is one of the fastest spreading sexually transmitted infections. It is contracted because of bacterium Nesseiria gonorrhoeae. Both men and women who are sexually active are vulnerable to this infection. If left untreated It can lead to infertility and can prove to be life threatening as it starts spreading to blood and joints. The common symptoms for both men and women are rashes, itching, bleeding, discharge and painful bowel movements. Men may also experience burning sensation while urinating or coloured discharge from the penis and in rare cases painful or swollen testicles Women can experience burning sensation during urination, vaginal bleeding between periods and increased vaginal discharge. This infection can be passed on to your partner through vaginal, oral or anal sexual intercourse and by sharing sex toys with an infected person.

Non-specific urethritis is commonly spread by chlamydia and affects men on a primary basis, though women can also experience it. Men may experience red, raw or sore penis tip, white cloudy discharge and frequent urination; while women may experience infection in urethra, womb and fallopian tubes along with pain and discomfort.

Trichomonas vaginalisis another common sexually transmitted infection caused by protozoan, which affects men's urethra and prostrate gland; while affects a women's urethra and vagina. Men may experience urethral discharge and frequent urination while women may experience vaginal itching, soreness and inflammation, painful sexual intercourse, urination and though less common but pain in the groin area.

Chlamydia is common among both men and women below the age of 25, but almost 50% of men and 75% of women hardly ever experience any symptoms of this infection. Symptoms experienced by women are changing in vaginal discharge and mild lower abdominal pain, while men may experience irritation at the tip of his penis that may disappear within two to three days. You can be infected with chlamydia because of a bacterium called chlamydia trachomatis; it can live inside the vagina, penis and rectum, and it can also be found in traces of male semen and the vaginal fluids of women who have been infected with it. It can be passed on to one or more sexual partners through vaginal, oral or anal sexual intercourse, by sharing sex toys with an infected person, through unprotected intercourse and having frequent sex with different partners.

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