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Chiropractic Pregnancy weightlifting
I am a big fan of women lifting weights!I believe that the benifits are huge. No pun intended.
Start with muscle strengthening. When women do resistance training with weights, they are increasing their muscle capacity with heavier workload.
With continued training, women who train with weights will notice that not only can they lift heavier objects or sacks of groceries, they are also more able to maintain their balance as they do these things. Which means less falls and injuries.
When women train with weights, they convert more fat to muscle and as a result, they continue to lose weight even when they are in between workouts.  By lifting weights, muscle mass is increased. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, the metabolic rate is increased.
By doing weight-bearing exercises, stress is placed on the joints and as part of their adaptation, they increase in density and become stronger.
Resistance training is also important to the heart health of many females. It reduces their risk of high blood pressure and other diseases that can cause heart attacks.
If you experience pain while excercising contact your doctor to make sure your excersise is not doing more harm than good. 

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