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Every year, laboratory tests conducted across Canada and compiled by Health Canada's FluWatch, consistently show that the majority of cases of influenza like illnesses" (ILI) involve pathogens other than the influenza virus. In other words, the influenza virus is NOT the cause of most of the flu like illnesses commonly occurring during flu season.

FluWatch reports that Between 22 August, 2004 and 12 March, 2005, a total of 68,849 laboratory tests for influenza were reported of which10,319 tested positive for influenza. That is, only 14.9% of the specimens tested showed evidence of influenza viruses. (3) The remainder of these laboratory tested cases of "influenza-like-illnesses" (85.1%), (3) involved other pathogens against which influenza vaccines offer NO protection whatsoever. The majority of "influenza-like-illnesses" are NOT caused by influenza viruses and are impervious to flu vaccines.

What health officials also don't tell you is that their claims of vaccine effectiveness are based on a misleading measure - the ability of the vaccine to produce antibodies against the virus. It is well known in immunology that circulating antibodies are not necessarily a measure of immunity from disease.