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If you or someone you love has been suffering with low back pain, we can help. We Listen, We Care, We Get Results!

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Studies support evidence of pain amelioration post adjustment. Such evidence strongly indicates chiropractic as a treatment approach. Proper posture and ergonomics are also impoortant.. Stretching the pectoralis muscles is also a good idea, as is hands free phones that discourage the shoulder to ear posture, switching the phone from the left to right ear and vise versa and to refraining or minimize carrying your child on your shoulders.

Cervical pain may begin when patients have poor posture; when phone use is congruent with holding baby/child; or when patients engage in multitasking while holding the child or infant. Phone use while carrying the child/infant encourages a shoulder to ear position. This causes excessive contraction of the trapezious muscle, the levator scapular muscle, as well as the ipsilateral muscles of the cervical spine. Patients who adorn a child on their shoulders reflexively flex the cervical spine while holding the child above their head and resting on their shoulders.

It is best to nurse or to bottle feed the infant in a seated position. Support the low back by placing a step stool or thick book under the feet, and a pillow or other support under the arm supporting the child's weight, and if bottle feeding to support the arm that is holding the bottle. Do not forget to switch arms with each feeding. There are many devices available at "baby" stores that are designed to support proper ergonomics to parents and caregivers. Special support pillows known as 'boppy pillows' are available for this use, though any pillow will do.